Auto Tracking Camera

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Specially designed for classroom and auditorium to Auto track teacher / faculty.


  • Integrated design – Built-in panoramic camera, to achieve an integrated fusion of panoramic camera and tracking camera
  • Advanced tracking algorithms – The use of advanced human detection, locking and tracking image processing, analysis algorithm to ensure the target tracking steady, accurate and fast
  • Strong anti-interference ability – Once the tracking target is locked, not affected by the disturbances of other moving objects and projectors etc…
  • Smooth tracking – The sensitivity of action can be adjusted. Tracking target’s small movement or gestures will not cause camera’s operation
  • Video image auto adaptation – Based on the distance of tracking target, the tracking camera will automatically zoom and the video image will always maintain the appropriate size and proportion
  • Ultra wide dynamic exposure function – Camera can completely avoid the problem of tracking target darken under the strong background light of projectors etc…
  • Strong environmental adaptability – The tracking performance is not affected by classroom’s size, shape and seating arrangement