Digital Podium 500

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  • Advance digital podium which can be integrated with all Smart / Virtual Classroom
  • Customizable as per customer requirement
  • Elegant design
  • All in one compact solution
  • Clutter free design
  • Single touch start and shutdown
  • Easy to use controller
  • Best suited for college class room, Conference room etc…

Technical Specification

Type of make MS fabricated Sheet with wooden sliding top and Lock.

Hydraulic with Up-down switch and power supply.

Display 21” or above touch display.
Console panel port VGA x 1, HDMI x 1 , USB x 2, RJ45, Power, Input selection.
In-build processing system Intel i3/4gb/1 TB with wireless Keyboard and mouse.
Power Point 10 power point and 1 external Fan.
Audio system Gooseneck Mic x1, Handheld Mic x 1, Cordless Collar Mic x1.

Amplifier:100 watt, Speaker: 2 x 30 watt.

Document Camera 3 MB Pixel image quality. Plug & Play, Inbuilt LED light.
In-build interactive software Interactive tools/features like Pen, Magic Pen, Eraser, spot light, curtain, shape recognition, shape editing, infinite color options for annotation, lines & arrows, screen capture tools, import / export files, unlimited pages, page navigation, save page(s), Undo/Redo, Geometric Tools like Math, protractor, compass, ruler etc.

Compatible with Ekin document camera solution

Capability of taking Snapshot from running video (Win platform)

Option of auto replaying page without prior recording

Warranty 1 year
Note OEM can opt for better specification then above without informing customer.