Ekin 1160 4K Voice Tracking Camera

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Ekin 1160 adopts a compact integrated design and integrates powerful audio and video functions. It
employs a variety of advanced AI intelligent algorithms, integrates face detection, sound source
localization, voice tracking and other AI intelligent framing technology. The beauty is; It can automatically
adjust the size of the picture according to the number of participants and location changes to achieve
the best framing. The camera detects the speaker’s position in real time without manually adjusting the
camera operation; to provide a simpler, focused meeting experience.

Short Description

Integrated design An integrated design of camera, microphone, and speaker
Voice tracking Built-in 6 array microphones to achieve voice tracking function, real-time tracking  of each speaker, allowing remote participants to break the limitation of distance and
have an   immersive, face-to-face experience
Built-in speaker Built-in high-quality double speaker sound box to ensure that every participant  can
clearly hear the sound from a distance, providing a unique remote experience
Audio processing The audio processing algorithm adopts high-fidelity 48K audio sampling  rate   and lossless audio transmission technology. It supports AEC, AGC, ANS processing, and
provides  6meter full-duplex quality
Intelligent framing Built-in  face  detection  algorithm,  automatically  detect  participants,  and    provide
ideal framing
Ultra HD image It employs 8 megapixel high-quality CMOS image sensor.  It can output 4K  ultra-high- definition images, present clear and realistic ultra-high-definition videos, vividly show the expressions and actions of characters, and provide image quality with superior
clarity and resolution
Undistorted  large- view lens With 120° super-large viewing angle, undistorted lens, no need to    adjust the lens
position, all participants have a panoramic view, easily covering every corner of the meeting room
Low noise and high SNR Low Noise CMOS effectively ensure high SNR  of camera video. Advanced   2D/3D noise reduction technology is also used to further reduce the noise, while ensuring
image   sharpness
Excellent compatibility Compatible with Win 7/10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher  systems, suitable for mainstream
cloud video platforms.

Technical Specification

Camera Sensor 1/2.8 inch, 8mega pixel high quality CMOS sensor
View Angle 120° undistorted lens
Digital Zoom 3X
Video Output Maximum output 4K image
AI Intelligent framing face detection & sound source localization & voice tracking
Optical Lens 120°(D)/107.2°(H)/74.1°(V)
Video Resolution 4K/30 and below
BLC On/Off
SNR ≥55dB
Audio Microphone type 6 digital array microphones
Pickup distance 6m
Audio processing AEC & AGC & ANS & sound source localization
Speaker 2*7W
Controller Remote control Infrared remote control
Interface USB Interface 1*USB3.0, Type B
Audio Interface 1*3.5mm linear input
Power Interface HEC3800 outlet(DC12V)
Bracket Wall mounting