Interactive White Board

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We have developed simple and easy to use Interactive white board which last long. Sober look and standard size make it comfortable to novice user. Special attention is given to simplify software to ensure even non-technical person can adopt.

Product Variants

Interactive White Board

82 Inch - Shortcut at both side - Infrared touch Technology - Resin coated surface

80 inch - Optional shortcut at both side - IR/Optical touch technology - Ceramic/Resin surface


  • Can use finger or any other object to work
  • Multi touch
  • Easy to mount. Plug & Play
  • Function button for fast and easy access to toolbar
  • Simple and easy software for end user. A 15 minutes training can make new user comfortable with the product
  • Customizable floating toolbar. Set toolbar according to your requirement
  • Can annotate on office and any other document
  • Teacher can create their own content using the software
  • Export notes to various file format like PDF, DOC, Jpg etc…
  • Direct access to the internet, google image etc..
  • Import Microsoft Office files like doc, ppt and more..
  • Freestyle writing on any file
  • Support 6+ video formats. User can import and work on same
  • Support Windows/MAC/Linux
  • Perfect for school and college classroom
  • Long hardware life

Technical Specification

Physical Size 82 inches
Phase Ratio 4:3
Physical Dimensions 1727mm X 1295mm X 82mm
Shortcuts Right & Left
Net Weight 22kg
Gross/Shipping Weight 27kg
Touch features
Operating Principle Infrared Induction Technology
Positioning Accuracy <2mm
Cursor Blink Rate 120 Dots/Second
Touch resolution approximately 32768 x 32769
Response Time < 8ms in continuous writing practice
Induction Size > 3.0mm, Recommended Size:> 5.0mm (Diameter)
Touch Spot Life Span Over 60,000,000 times single spot touch
Power Supply USB power supply (No external power supply needed)
Power Consumption <1W, USB 5V voltage, current < 100mA
Projection Equipment Normal projector compatible
Operating Temperature -10 °C to 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20% to 85% without condensation
Light Test Incandescent (220V, 100W), working distance: 350mm
Altitude 3,000 meters or below
PC Interface USB2.0
Working Life 5 years or above
Work Environment Under daylight, indoor & outdoor environment.

Minimum Hardware Requirement

CPU Intel Pentium 4.1 GHz or above
Memory 1 GB.
HDD 1 GB free space
USB At least a spare USB interface
Operating System Win 7/8, Mac OS 10.5/10.6/10.7, Ubuntu 12.04