LED Projector Pro6328

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    • The light source is LED bulb which usage low-heat and low-energy
    • Lamp life is up-to 20000 hours. Almost 2-3 times higher compare to DLP / LCD projectors in same range
    • Instant on and off
    • There are no maintenance costs on Projectors and no dust filters to replace
    • There is no mercury inside projectors which means these products are easier to dispose of and are much more environmentally friendly
    • In-build Android
    • Consistently high quality Image until the last day you use the projector
    • Users can download app of their choice
    • In-build WiFi. Just join to internet and start browsing / downloading and more …
    • 2 USB port to connect Pen Drive / KeyBoard & mouse etc …
    • VGA and HDMI input

Technical Specification

Screen size & OS 6 inches LCD with Android 6.0 or higher
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Lumens 2500 Lumens
Contrast Ration 2500:1
Input VGA HDMI x 2, USB x 2,  AV SV TV
Light Source LED
Lamp Life 20000 hours