Portable Interactive Solution

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  • Easy installation – Take 10-15 minutes in ideal scenario
  • Anti-light Interference
  • Flexible fixing base – Can be mounted on projector. Does not require mounting Kit
  • Plug & play – Just install software and it is ready to work
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Portable – Easy to carry or shift in future
  • Chargeable stylus – Just connect stylus to usb for 10 minutes

Technical Specification

Signal Receiver  
Movement Detection CMOS Infrared Technology
Active Area (max projection size) 150 inch diagonal
Active Area (horizontal angle) 33 +/- 2 degrees
Active Area (vertical angle) 0-30 degrees
Calibration Technology Photoelectric Positioning
Calibration Method Auto & Manual
Multi User Writing Support 64 users writing simultaneously.
Active Distance 1.5-5m (long throw); 0.2-3m (short throw)
Connectivity Interface 1 x USB Cable (connection distance up to 24 m)
Power Requirement 4.5 ¨C 9 W (from USB port)
Power Consumption < 1 .5 W
Net Weight 81g
Movement Detection Technology LED Light
Power Built-in Lithium Battery, Rechargeable
Pen Body Dimension 17.5cm (length); 1.0-1.7cm (diameter)
Net Weight 25g